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Dear Partner for Victory,

Imagine an Oregon that is Open for Business and offers True Freedom for families, schools and churches.  No more masks, no more mandates, no more lockdowns.  No more tyrannical bureaucrats breathing down your neck.

Sound like a pipe dream?  Yes, it’s true, many Oregon conservatives have lost hope.  Unfortunately, they’ve come to believe Oregon is a lost cause, a political basket case doomed to perpetual domination by Socialist Fanatics like Kate Brown.  Some have actually given up and fled the state, for what they perceived to be greener pastures.

But have Faith, Fellow Conservative, as Larry Kudlow says, “The Cavalry is Coming!”  Don’t forget, only a decade ago the Oregon legislature was tied.  Conservative activists outside the Party organized to flip 6 House seats for a 30-30 tie in the House.  Another 386 votes would have given them a 15-15 tie in the State Senate.  Friends, in this political climate there’s absolutely no reason we can’t do it again this year.
In fact, there’s no reason we can’t do even better!   Oregon Faith and Freedom Coalition (ORffc) is in business to supply the missing ingredient in the last decade of Conservative losses.  The Far Left wins because 20 years ago they started building a direct voter contact database.   Week after week, year after year they communicate with the Non-Affiliated Voter (NAVs) to create a bond of loyalty that pays off at election time.  It’s like a machine.   Party leaders come and go, but the unions serve as a politial gyroscope keeping them on point. 

We’ve got a strategy for Victory!  ORffc is the political gyroscope that’s been missing on the conservative side for the past 10 years.  Conservatives habitually rely too much on outmoded advertising such as last-minute TV, which yields only about 42% of the vote no matter how many millions they pump in.   For the remaining months, we’ve got to pivot to a more relational  approach to the NAVs — 60% of them lean conservative.  For the past two years ORffc has methodically constructed just such a relational database to provide the missing margin of victory in winnable house and senate seats, governor and 3 open Congressional races.  What does that mean in practical terms?   Three simple concepts:

1) Weekly contact:   The “secret sauce,” of our strategy is weekly contact with our target audience.  The neglected and overlooked NAV voters in virtually all Oregon campaigns for the past decade.  We won 6 House seats in 2010 with just 50,000 NAV voters — 70% are still in Oregon — and they’re in our computer.  An additional 45,000 are ready for weekly contact via email, text, social media, digital townhalls, Shindigs, and auto-dial/live polling.  Another 120,000 are being updated with registration and contact data.  This can become self-sustaining via the $100 Oregon Political tax credit. 

2) Reclaim our Base – Churches:  We need a bigger cushion of registered voters and the quickest way to get it is in the churches — Unfortunately, 3 of 10 attendees aren’t registered; the rest vote only half the time.  We’re about to mobilize nearly 1,000 volunteers to approach their pastors with ways to fix that problem.  And they’ll reach out to other community groups as well.   At the opportune moment, we’ll turn them loose with 100,000+ door-hanger voter guides where winnable legislative seats intersect open Congressional seats, and of course the governor’s race.

3) Voter ID & Turnout by auto-dial:  We’ll use the Voter “hot button” ID methods we used in 2010 to help turn the state legislature around and impact voters for the Carson Presidential Campaign, nationwide.  We’re also privy to a new technology (IMEI#) to identify church attendees based on mobile phone and church address visited, then send them banner ads and videos.   These are some of the tools used to cultivate a relationship of trust with Non-Affiliated Voters.   This method can raise voter turnout by at least 4 to 8 percent.    

We’re supported by the consulting expertise of Dr. Ralph Reed, National Faith and Freedom Founder, to raise major donor funding.  Dr. Reed is a well-known national consultant with 30 years’ campaign success to his credit.  He’s convinced Oregon is purple, based on our 40% NAV voter pool, which is 60% conservative.

The Wall Street Journal has called him “perhaps the finest political operative of his generation.”
He is the author or editor of eight best-selling books.
His columns have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and National Review.

All the pieces are in place, but we need your financial help to make it happen.  Here’s the budget:
    $125,000    Winnable races:  Analysts are developing the registration and support structure & strategy,
    $175,000    Weekly Voter Contact:  Email, text, social media, voter guides auto-dial to the 40% Non-Affiliated Voters,
    $  30,000    Voter ID/GOTV:  Help clean up voter rolls and Get Out The Vote,
    $  20,000    Community Relations:  Presentations to, business, non-profit, and church groups,
    $  10,000    Network Relations:  Coordination with other PACs and PR messaging,
    $  15,000    Voter Registration:  Voter registration & education, especially in churches,
    $100,000    Fundraising:  Major donor webinars, networking, and small donor phone banking,
    $  21,250    Contingency.
    $496,250    TOTAL

To the best of our knowledge we’re the primary conservative coalition actively reviving the direct voter contact, relationship methods that were employed in the years prior to and during the 2010 achievement.  This repetitive, database, relationship-centric approach is how the Radical Left has been beating us.  Please send your most generous donation today.    Our families and businesses are at stake. 

Some can give $1,000, others, $5,000, $10,000 or more.   Any size gift is appreciated.  Please send contributions to:  Oregon Faith And Freedom Coalition, PO Box 1545, Sherwood, OR  97140.

Yours for victory,

Petronella Donavaan, Board Chairman

Attach 1:  National Faith & Freedom Campaign Services

Attach 2:  Road to Victory (June 16-18: all events free for Oregon residents on discount line)


Highlights of Recent Elections

                     2016 Election of Dennis Richardson to Secretary of State
                     2010 a 30 to 30 tie in the House and 300 votes short of tieing the Senate.
                     What happened in 2016? Did Richardson win or did a weak opponent lose?
                     What happened in 2010? How did Republicans accomplish this tie and near tie?


                     In 2010, Action Solutions (OFF Consultant), worked with the two caucus organizations
                     Conducted automated and live surveys to identify unaffiliated voters.
                     Purchased high quality lists for voters
                     Made 1,000,000 automated candidate calls and
                     Identified 50,000 conservative Unaffiliated voter
                     375,000 live phone calls to Get out the vote on behalf of candidates.
                     375,000 calls made by paid call center employees:
                     Messages about the shared hot button issues voters held with candidates.