How Oregon Faith and Freedom got hacked by …..

How Oregon Faith and Freedom Got Hacked

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Have you ever been “hacked”?  Many have had their Facebook pages taken over. A worse fate is to find that important data, like your financial data in QuickBooks has been hacked and you have to pay a ransom to get it back.  Worse than that is being locked out of your computer.  Hacking is stealing as you are surreptitiously removing control of something owned by another or holding control until they pay you money to regain control of something they own.  WE found out that a political action committee can also be hacked (or stolen).  It seems that the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office will accept any change form to remove members and replace them with new members, cancelling the treasurer’s ability to maintain the finances, and taking control by swapping names.  The only notification that will come to the old, now deposed members, is an email.  Miss that email and it may be days before you find out that you have been HACKED and someone else controls the PAC.

Sadly, members of a 501c named Oregon Faith and Freedom Coalition Foundation, perhaps not understanding the nature and differences between 501c3 education groups who cannot do political activities, and PAC’s, hired an unfortunate company to be a tool and try to hack the Oregon Faith and Freedom PAC away from those who currently served the PAC.  This misguided group consisting of Petronella Donovan, Lou Beres (google Lou Beres Oregon), and Pastor Ed Grant is now working to continue to distract the important work of Oregon Faith and Freedom PAC.  Now, their fraudulent attempt is enshrined in history as you look at ORESTAR.  Take a look by going to Oregon Faith and Freedom PAC (15283) and you will see the change.  You will be able to see the fraudulent filing be posted with Petronella Donovan being named as a director and the names of Jeff Kubler and Doug Boddy being dropped.  You will see new Treasurers assigned.  None of which went through any process with the existing Directors.  None of which was checked out by the Oregon Secretary of State as they simply accepted the filing and posted it.  All of which was a surreptitious attempt by an outside group to fraudulently take control of the assets and name of an existing Oregon PAC.   Please ask them to stop and go about their own business!

As a result, the current Treasurer, has had to have numerous, time-consuming talks with the Oregon Secretary of State and with Ignite Positive Change owners Alayna Wiemer and Maddie Viens (the hired Treasurers – who are completely innocent – when they understood what was happening, they immediately began taking steps to fix the change).  The rightful Treasurer has had numerous emails with the same as we worked to restore ownership after the potential hack of the ownership.  Ignite Positive Change has lost business, time and production.  Oregon Faith and Freedom’s rightful Treasurer has lost the same.  The members of the 501c3 have stolen personal time and income.  A campaign finance complaint against the instigators of the hack (theft) attempt has been made (and several criminal complaints have been prepared).  The Oregon Secretary of State has conducted an investigation and criminal prosecution of the fraudulent attempt may be pursued with the Oregon Attorney General.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the 501c3 members, after setting up an almost similarly named PAC and continuing to raise money from lists that are not theirs to use, will cease and desist from their actions but will take other steps against the PAC dividing our Christian efforts further.  An attorney has been engaged to draft a letter demanding they cease and desist.  I, on behalf of the PAC, may take other actions such as posting the story to my over 3,000 conservative friends on facebook.  Including the story in an email.  And perhaps other steps.  Should the national Faith and Freedom Coalition (John Harbison and David Louden) be working with members of the 501c3, on any projects, who would initiate such steps (they were working with them on a project)?  Do they not understand that theft is a sin and will bring condemnation to all of our efforts?  What do you think? 
Please pray for peace! Please pray that the attacking, former friends would cease their actions as their next step is likely to be court action in an attempt to drain of money as it will have to defend itself against.  MANY of you have already been duped into donating to those who tried to use fraud to take over the longstanding PAC you have been hearing from for several years.  OREGONFAITHANDFREEDOM.ORG is that longstanding PAC.  Calls to you from Denny or Dennis and emails from are part of the hackers.  Don’t be fooled!  At a time when everything had to be done and OREGONFAITHANDFREEDOM.ORG was focused on finding and motivating Christian voters to vote.  And we had a list of the digital ID’s of 668,000 Christians, their hack and attack caused considerable distraction from this task.  As a consequence, we did not raise the needed money.  Might we be looking at a different person being elected to Governor?  Their hack of control, their improper use of lists, their takeover of the PAC website and removal of the donate button, and other actions have been a HUGE distraction from our work.  Please continue to support OREGONFAITHANDFREEDOM.ORG and tell them to stop their attacks!

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