What is the solution?

Here is the Solution!

The Democrats have built a voter identification (on issues) and election turnout machine.  Check this link.

No one on the conservative side is doing this!!!

It’s sad because turning Oregon Blue to Red, is simply a matter of a adopting a new strategy. We can’t compete with the Democrats because they have a turnout machine and we don’t have one.  So, Oregon Faith & Freedom has accepted the challenge to imitate this game-changing concept the Democrats have been exploiting for years. With your help, we will build a similar turnout machine of conservatives in the growing Unaffiliated voter group, low motivated Republican Voters and others,  to turn the tide in this, and all future elections!  Along with that we will also implement a new county-by-county chapter strategy. So, If our plan makes sense to you – for this election & all future elections — please join us in transforming the Oregon political.  You can donate here!

If you would like to hear more about this email us here!