Political Action Tax Credits Explained

Oregon’s Political Tax Credit, What is it?

By contributing $50 to a conservative political action committee such as ours, you can make Oregon a better place – and it won’t cost you a dime.

Married, filing jointly? It’s $50 per person – so you and your spouse can donate $100 and get it all back!

One note: As of the 2017 tax year, the tax credit is only available to single adults with incomes under $100,000 and joint filers with income under $200,000.


How do you claim the $50 tax credit? You’ll find it on line 37 of Form 40, the long form. There are some limitations. Here’s what the state tax instructions say:

Political contribution credit. Fill in your total political contributions, but not more than $100 on a joint return or $50 on all others. You must have contributed money during [the calendar year] to any of the following:

– A political party.
– A qualified candidate (or the candidate’s principal campaign committee) for federal, state, or local office to be voted for in Oregon.
– A political action committee certified in Oregon.


So, basically any candidate or measure on the ballot in Oregon, any political party, or any political committee registered in Oregon. (But not a 501c3 nonprofit; those are deductible elsewhere.) More info from the state of Oregon.

One more thing: The Oregon Political Tax Credit is not a refundable credit. So, if your taxes are already zero, then you won’t get your $50 back.

Donate and help Oregon become a better, more conservative place to live! Thank you in advance for aligning with our important cause that benefits you and all our neighbors!


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