What Is SB 978?

Oregon’s 2019 Legislative Session saw the introduction in the state Senate of SB 978 – Senate Bill 978. This measure, if passed:

“Directs Department of State Police to conduct study on reporting of attempted unlawful firearm transfers and present report on findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to judiciary on or before September 15, 2020.”
  • Minimum age can be set for businesses dealing with guns from 18 to 21
  • Requires locks and proper storage
  • Requires locks and proper storage when transferring –  class c felony
  • Reporting firearms is lost – class c felony
  • Strict liability for injury – 2 years after transfer
  • Minor supervision of gun use
  • Strict liability for injury if minor misuse
  • OHA create standards for locks
  • Crime of unlawful storage of minor gains access – Class A violation
  • If minor injured Class A misdemeanor
  • Gun dealer posting requirements
  • Crime of untraceable firearm Class B Felony
  • Crime of unfinished frame or receiver – Class B Felony
  • Crime of possessing unserialized firearm – Class C felony
  • 2 convictions for unlawful storage – firearm ban for ??
  • Hospital reporting requirement for firearm injury
  • Authority granted to city, county, metropolitan service district, or port, school district, colleges, may adopt ordinances to regulate firearm possession.
      • > Includes real property owned by college or university
      • > Passenger terminals with 1 million boarding per year

View the official full text of the measure at page: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/SB978