Protect all valid/legal ballots

National Call to Prayer

Each day at 8PM we are asking people to join many other groups in praying for our nation.  We are praying for truth to be revealed, election integrity for everyone who cast a legal ballot; for freedom, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We know the power of prayer and asking everyone to pray!

Call to Action

Make your voice heard!  Phone calls and emails have influence!  Let’s give our national and local media a flood of feedback.  Encourage Republican leaders to stand with the President.  Encourage media to fairly wait until the process is completed, legal challenges can be weighed and decided and actual states can certify the election.  The media does not determine who the winner is!

Start with a google search of the following:

Senator Mitch Mcconnell (Republican Senate Minority Leader) DC Office: 202-224-2541, Louisville: 502-582-6304, Lexington: 850-224-8286, Bowling Green: 270-781-1673

Congressman Kevin McCarthy (Republican House Minority Leader) – DC Office:  202-225-2915, Bakersfield Office: 661-327-3611


CNN –     Phone:      4048271500

MSNBC – Https:// Phone: 212-664-6605


Fox News – Phone: 888-369-4762

CBS News – https://www.cbsnews/com/news/contact-information-01-08-1998/ phone: 212-975-3247

NBC News – https://www.nbcnews/com/information/nbcnews-info/contact-us-n123251 Phone: 212-664-4444

ABC News – Https:// Phone: 818-973-4042

PBS – Https:// Phone: 703-739-5000

How about calling your local news media to ask them to wait until the process is complete?




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