They know religious Liberty

Oregon Slavic Christians know religious persecution. These Christians fled  Soviet persecution thinking America, and Oregon, would be a safe place to raise their families with freedom. Speaking of their time in the USSR, I heard a pastor describe how he had spent 4 years in a Soviet gulag for refusing to stop preaching about Jesus, and his father had spent 25 years in jail for the same offense.

Now in Oregon, they felt safe until HB 3063(what some titled the forced vaccination bill – now likely not to move forward) shook them awake! Many may not be registered to vote! Many need training and encouragement to vote! Could a project to do this among the 150,000 Slavic Christian citizens change Oregon election outcomes?
Oregon Faith and Freedom is committed to help facilitate projects like this.  Would you help us?

Now very engaged in understanding and helping their fellow Christians gain a renewed understanding of what freedoms we have here in Oregon, Oregon Faith and Freedom has met with a group ready to work on this.  Will you help us as we seek to stem the gap!  Give today (and remember your Political Action Tax Credit – a $ for $ reduction comes back to you up to $50 per individual)!

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