This Explains in All

This Explains it All

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Important:  Play this video explaining Oregon Political Tax Credit!

When the Legislature ended at “Sine Die” no conservative/ Christian worldview person can be happy with the results. As HB2002C was passed and will surely be signed by the progressive/Liberal Governor, a whole new attack on parental rights, even more terrible abortion “rights” and many new ways of leading children down a terrible road to bad outcomes were delivered as “Gender affirming care“, that euphemism for destroying a child’s future ability to procreate were enacted.

But how did we get here?  The difference between the House being 35 Democrats to 25 Republicans is only 4,095 votes spread across five districts? Did you know that the difference between Tina Kotek and Christine Drazan is only 61,000 votes?

These six emails from our past publications explain how we got here:
Email 1
Email 2
Email 3
Email 4
Email 5
Email 6

After reading these emails would you like to help us effectively use:

  • the 55,000 emails for Oregonians we can email to
  • the 668,000 mobile id’s we have for conservative Christians in Oregon
  • the many landlines and cells we have available for use in the 80,000 records of potential supporters
  • the great list of churches and church leadership we have access to
  • the plan we have for creating a 36 county network of chapters
  • the many people who would like to start or join a chapter in their county
  • the list of those who want to run for office
  • the list of those who want to work in their church to educate others in church about registering to vote and voting.

With these resources we could challenge the Church to get involved in saving our culture. Please donate below!

Are you interested in helping, would you like to receive the manual on a conservative response to “ballot harvesting?”  Email jeffk@oregonfaithandfreedom.orgHow about joining Oregon Faith and Freedom for a weekly prayer and action zoom call?  Email to discuss. Please join us in transforming the Oregon political landscape today. Give $10.00 today (about a cup of coffee and a donut – and realize your tax credit dollars are helping to abort babies right now – why give the State of Oregon one dime more than you have too?)!

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We need to contact more people and activate them to help defend our worldview during the upcoming session of the Legislature!
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