We can talk to 668,000 Christians in Oregon about Voting – will you help?

We can talk to 668,000 Christians in Oregon about Voting – will you help?

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The registration of Oregon 1(25%) is 40% unaffiliated, 35% Democratic, and 25% Republican.  There are 728,000 Republicans.  Oregon Faith and Freedom has a way to communicate with a list of potential voters that is nearly the size of the total list of Republican voters.  The reality is that not every Republican votes and not every Christian votes.  Oregon Faith and Freedom, can send digital ads to a large list with your financial help.  The reality is that many of these identified Christians will not be Republican, but are very likely Unaffiliated voters, and therefore, much less likely to vote in the all important November 8th Election.  Why?  Because as an Unaffiliated voter, campaigns don’t know why they should or should not communicate with you.  You are an enigma.  An outreach to you, as an Unaffiliated voter, may prompt a vote against a candidate.  But you may recall that in a  previous email, we discussed how the ultra left Democrats have identified 319,200 conservatives among the Unaffiliated group.  That means they have also identified some number of liberals among that group of Unaffiliated voters. How can conservative Judeo-Christians, concerned about the future of Oregon, its religious freedoms, its growing crime and the safety of children in schools, counter this?  By talking to this list of 668,000 voters that we have identified and communicating the absolute need to protect our worldview by voting your values.  Many may be in the group of Unaffiliated enigma voters.  Now we have a way of reaching them.  Please help!

Since everything must be done, and no campaign or other group is doing this, Oregon Faith and Freedom asks that you help us with this  important project!
As described in previous emails, the list is a list of 668,000 phone IME’s (phone identifier) for people who attend conservative churches in Oregon.  We need your financial help to reach this list with digital ads, encouraging voting and helping people ensure they cast an informed vote, looking to vote for candidates who will uphold their world view.  One digital ad to this list, which is almost the size of the registered Republicans in Oregon, costs $10,000.  Will you help?

We have another list that is a large list of deliverable emails (45,000) to Judeo-Christian worldview voters.  This list can help educate and turnout the Christians on this list by getting them to vote, encourage others to vote and work to recruit them into other volunteer efforts to find and turnout Christian worldview voters. You may be thinking, why don’t you just email them?  The reality is you need special tools to begin to email such a large group and actually deliver emails to that list that get opened and read.  You may be thinking that all the Christian vote is voting.  Not so!  Check this out.

With these two lists, we can seek to match the “Direct Voter Contact” advantage the progressive/liberals have used to master and control Oregon!

If you have an interest in helping to form a chapter in your county, in helping to encourage voting in every venue including at your church, or distributing voter guides, directing people to resources for educated voting, please email Jeffk@oregonfaithandfreedom.org

Please join us in transforming the Oregon political landscape today.
Give $10.00, $25.00 or $50.00 today! Would you forward this email to a friend you know has the same concerns?
For more information:  visit www.OregonFaithandFreedom.org  or info@oregonfaithandfreedom.org.