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We Don’t have to Keep Getting the Same Results

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43% percent! That is what our current election advertising methods produce.  $2 million, $15 million and now $20 million have been spent on trying to elect a more sane conservative Governor.  All the while, the progressive/liberals have been using their machine to turnout voters for more and more insane candidates, and winning! Yet, all our money gets the same results!  Isn’t it time someone provides the leadership to change this?

In the past, some people did provide that leadership.  In 2010, the Senate Caucus leadership saw efforts to provide a more effective ability to identify the conservative vote and turn it out.  Senator Brian Boquist, Senator Frank Morse, and Representative Andy Olson helped to find the funding for these efforts and this eventually brought in the Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli and the House Minority Leader Bruce Hanna.  What was done?  The Caucus’ centralized services around a call center in Albany, Oregon and using an Oregon based company (email jeffk@oregonfaithandfreedom.org for details). A plan was put together to try and match the known efforts of the progressive left.  Here is what was done:

  • High quality lists of phones and voter data were purchased for the targeted districts
    • GOPDATACENTER (which is data about voters that the Oregon GOP uses ) has a level of value but higher quality data provides more assurance of getting to the people intended to reach
  • 1/3 of the state was targeted because of the races involved
  • 1,000,000 automated calls
    • Automated surveys, endorsement calls, candidate requests for the vote were the focus
    • the purpose of the surveys was to identify “hot button” issues of a voter
  • Automated calls were used as the average age of the voter is 54 (even now while 1/2 of the homes have landline phones, 89% of these are in households of age 45 and above)
  • 375,000 paid live calls were made.
  • A live call center was set up with 55 seats for paid callers
    • Live paid callers give more assurance of getting 30 to 50 attempts per hour (progressives use paid callers)
  • These live call center seats were staffed with trained callers ensuring more consistent messaging
  • Via automated and live surveys, 50,000 conservative leaning Unaffiliated voters were identified.
    • Having something specific about a voter is much better than relying on “modeled data”
  • Messaging was developed to call these conservative Unaffiliated voters to try and get them to vote for conservative candidates based upon identified shared values (because of the surveys, something was known about the voter – typically, modeled data is used in current efforts).
  • Live and automated calls of endorsement were used to help the Unaffiliated and low voter turnout Republicans get a reminder to vote.
  • Paid walkers went out with literature and reminders to vote and were ready to receive ballots from voters.

What if we revisited what was done in 2010?  This seems to be what national people like Charlie Kirk,  and Newt Gingrinch are supporting.  AND IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL WORK!

If you want to work to help change our approach, using the effort in 2010 to help us create our own machine, then Oregon Faith and Freedom is a group you should be helping!

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