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If you don’t believe you can win, you can’t!

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Remember the OSU Beaver Football team?  Years ago a coach didn’t believe he could recruit the kind of athletes needed to compete in the PAC 10.  Therefore, his teams couldn’t.  They had years with 1 to 4 wins.  Now, that same school played in a bowl game and dismantled the storied Florida team 30 to 3 and finishes with a a record of 10 and 3!  .  BELIEF was key!  They believed and eventually won.  The problem we have here is Oregon is that our conservative, Judeo-Christian leaders, and those with money to donate don’t believe! Even when we have demonstrated efforts in Oregon itself that show we can compete by working the same kind of efforts that our progressive liberals use to find and “harvest” votes, and even when national leaders like Charlie Kirk, Newt Gingrich, and others are talking about the need to change our strategies to compete.  Our Oregon leaders won’t believe.
Imagine if in this current year we had won 6 surprising seats in the Oregon House as we did when we believed and competed as in 2010? You can review previous emails where we talked about this here.

Do you believe?  Or would you rather move from Oregon?  The problem is that the “Oregon Effect” will follow you?  You should realize that without vote-by-mail, which was introduced in Oregon first, we would have a completely different reality today.  But, had our leaders believed, after what they saw happen in 2010, could the voter turnout efficiencies the progressive/liberal/democrats discovered here in Oregon been used to win a national election?

What can we do?  Should we continue to get 43% percent of the vote for state-wide candidates?  Then allow the progressive liberals to control the house and senate where they will continue to attack our freedoms in every way! This is what our current election advertising methods produce.  We have seen that $2 million, $15 million and now $20 million have been spent on trying to elect a more sane conservative Judeo-Christian worldview Governor without success.  Look what happens when we don’t try, can we really afford not to try?

Now look at current examples that took place in California. In an article entitled, “California Republicans embrace ballot harvesting after Trump and the GOP spent months decrying the practice” and a more current example found under “New Program Aims to Help Republicans Harvest Ballots Legally in California“.  Oregon Faith and Freedom will advocate and work towards a return to more effective means of identifying those who share our world view and getting them out to vote.

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