We Keep Getting The Same Results

We Keep Getting the Same Results

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We hope everyone enjoyed a time of giving thanks to God for this great country we are blessed to live in!

Regardless of how much money conservatives spend on a governor’s race we get the same results!  In 2016, $2 million dollars was raised and spent for Dr Pierce. In 2018, $15 million was raised and spent for Dr Buehler’s race, and now in 2022, $20 million was raised and spent for Christine Drazan’s run.

What were the results in each year by percentage of vote?  43.53%, 43.7% and 43.6%.  Even in what should have been a change year, with the state and national economy in the tank, a recent history of crushing personal and religious freedoms during the Covid situation, and other bad things, nothing really changed!  So what is happening?  Why can more and more money be spent without any change in results?

Unfortunately, Oregon conservatives have largely, continued to hold to an older form of election outreach that does not match the approach of the progressive/liberals.  Some might argue that we have suffered from cheating by the left.  And that may be a part of it, but no one can deny that the progressive/left’s methodology has conquered the right, in Oregon.  Now it has even impacted national elections and elections in other states. 

Oregon Faith and Freedom has been speaking about this issue, and has even talked about a time in Oregon political history when conservatives worked a different approach and it worked.  Future Oregon Faith and Freedom emails will discuss what people like Charlie Kirk and Newt Gingrich have been saying in recent interviews about how we need to change.  

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