What HB 2002A Does

It would also allow children to undergo irreversible, life-altering gender-related surgical procedures — without any age restrictions whatsoever.”
Here is more:

  • A young girl can have an abortion at any age, without parental consent.
  • Girls as young as 15 can be sterilized without parental consent and at no cost.
  • Institutions of higher education with student health centers are required to provide abortion access to students.
  • Directs the state to establish abortion access in rural areas of the state.
  • Protects abortionists from losing their medical license or malpractice insurance and exempts them from public records disclosure.
  • Makes it a crime to interfere with an abortion facility (Class A misdemeanor) and allows anyone who feels aggrieved to bring civil action against someone who interferes.
  • Repeals existing law that makes it a crime to conceal the birth of an infant, if the person conceals the corpse of a newborn child to prevent determination if the child was born dead or alive.
  • Makes it illegal for a county or city to declare an ‘abortion free zone’ by giving anyone the right to enforce civil action against a public entity that interferes with abortion access.

If you haven’t let your state legislator know that you are adamantly opposed to this bill, please tell them today!  What do we do if this terrible bill passes?  Does this make the local school board the last line of defense for stopping or stalling these dangerous radical laws?