When Legal Ballot Harvesting Worked in Oregon

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When Legal Ballot Harvesting Worked in Oregon


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In the history of Oregon there are several surprising victories Conservative/Republicans have had.  It’s sad there are so few. However, there was one surprising year where legal “Ballot Harvesting” took place and gave significant positive results showing that we should return to this method and use it to win.  Please review this history.

2016 – Dennis Richardson’s win for Secretary of State.  I don’t know what, if any Ballot Harvesting, took place in this election.  I think it was Brad Avakian’s attack on the Christian bakers, and his own party’s dislike for him that caused his defeat.

2010 – 6 surprising victories in House races tying the House at 30 to 30.  Surprising winners were Katie Eyre, Patrick Sheehan, Matt Wand, Shawn Lindsey, Julie Parrish, and Mark Johnson.  A large, legal Ballot Harvesting Project took place in this year to assist Conservative/Republican and largely Judeo-Christian worldview Candidates!

As a result, several progressive and Democratic House members lost in their re-election bids: Susan VanOrman, and Judy Stiegler, Nick Kahl.

In the last ten years, how many sitting Senators or House members have lost their re-election bids?   No Democrats, running for re-election, have lost in a General Election Since 2010!

In the Senate during 2010, Alan Olsen defeated Martha Schrader as she ran for re-election.
Chuck Thomsen won the Senate seat vacated by the retirement of Rick Metsger.

Sadly, in the next election (2012), Katie Eyre, Patrick Sheehan, Matt Wand and Shawn Lindsey lost as the project for Ballot Harvesting was discontinued.  In that project during 2010, a 55 paid call center, called 375,000 people. 1,000,000 robo calls were made (some of the robo calls and live calls were surveys that sought to identify voters on issues).  50,000 conservative Unaffiliated voters were identified using those surveys.   A major live calling, robo calling and walking project went into making sure more people voted, particularly the conservative Unaffiliated voters identified by the surveys.

In 2010, Gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley, lost to John Kitzhaber by the percentage of 49% to 48%.  It was the closest gubernatorial effort in our recent history as he lost by only 22,238 votes.  The impact of the project targeting 1/3 of the state brought us the best results ever by finding and prompting new voters to vote based on identified conservative leanings.  Had we focused on 2/3 of the state or even the entire state, we would have won the governor’s race, the Senate, and the House.  Our history would be entirely different had we enjoyed 8 years of Republican Governor Dudley. 

This table shows how close Dudley got to winning in the year when a GOTV “Ballot Harvesting” project took place as it compares other years results, where without legal “ballot harvesting” we return to the 43% of the vote we get with typical “spray and pray” marketing.  The 2010 project only focused on 1/3 of the state, bought higher quality data with better phones and used 1,000,000 robo calls and 375,000 live paid call center calls to identify 50,000 conservative Unaffiliated voters.  It then worked to turn the conservative Unaffiliated voters out along with less likely Republican voters.

Year Democrat Republican Independent Difference % to D % to R % to I
2022 917,074 850,347 168,431 66,727 Percentage 47.00% 43.60% 8.60%
2018 934,498 814988 119,510 Percentage 50.10% 43.70%
2016 985,027 845609 139,418 Percentage 50.60% 43.50%
2014 733,230 648542 84,688 49.90% 44.10%
2010 716,525 694,287   22,238   49.30% 47.80%
2006 699,786 589,748 110,038 50.70% 42.80%

2002 – Frank Morse beat well-known school board member from Corvallis, Barbara Ross, to win the Senate Seat that sits between Corvallis and Albany.  That seat is now seen as a solidly blue district with one member being the Speaker of the House.  A great effort went into Ballot Harvesting in this race, and Frank Morse, the candidate, walked with volunteers the last 4 days collecting ballots.   Senator Morse won re-election in 2006 and 2010.

Oregon Faith and Freedom is offering a manual on Ballot Harvesting entitled, “A Conservative/Republican Response to Ballot Harvesting”.  The details of the effort in 2010 are discussed there, and how we can go back and recreate an even more successful effort are found there that you can recreate in your district, county or town.  Is there any other group discussing real approaches to solving the election issues in Oregon?

Email Jeffk@oregonfaithandfreedom.org to get your copy for review.


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