The definition of crazy

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They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!   Sadly, Oregon conservative/Republicans, repeat the same mistakes over and over and still expect expect to win.  It’s crazy.  They run the same old fashioned, outdated campaigns they’ve always run. Each campaign is in a separate silo, with no coordinated theme or effort.  Typically, they’re based on political advertising, mostly Signs and TV advertising that consume huge amounts of money in a losing cause.

We continue to rely on a volunteer base of unpaid Precinct Committee People (PCPs) to do the important work of get out the vote (commonly abbreviated as GOTV), while our opposition, the liberal/progressive/Democrats, use paid, or pseudo-paid people to do that important work (hey, you’re a union member, you better help). The Unions provide a measured effort, and effectively turn out their vote, while conservative/Republicans spend most of their money on general advertising with dubious results and little if any reserved for GOTV.   Precinct Committee People (PCP) work hard, but don’t get much support.

Unfortunately, all this advertising does little more than enrich the campaign consultant who takes a 15% cut from each ad placement. That 15% kickback is a big incentive to spend $$ on advertising and ignore the important step of get out the vote!  This approach could be called “spray and pray” marketing. We don’t know who’s going to vote so we spray out a message and pray that it works.

Meantime, the Democrat opposition team has gone to a new level of campaigning best described as “direct voter contact”.  They have a list of people they expect to vote, that is big enough to win, and then they make sure they vote.   By contrast, Conservative/Republicans run stellar candidates, but don’t offer them a path to victory because of our outdated and  ineffective approaches. As a result, people get discouraged.  Some great candidates refuse to run, because there is no strategy that leads to victory. 

The real tragedy is we’ve lost many conservatives who leave the state realizing we are just the party of the crazy.   They conclude we’ll never figure out how to win. Even when we have a great example of how to win (2010) we walk away from it, returning to a form of campaigning that doesn’t work, wastes more money and sends more conservatives packing from the state to Idaho or some other more conservative refuge where their votes are not needed.  There they can live in peace away from the travails of the monster progressive tax and spend liberals!

What can we do?  Oregon Faith and Freedom is building a following, and raising money to help put in place aspects of plans that have worked in the past.  2010 is an example, when our efforts led to 6 surprising victories with a strategy that can be replicated in the next election.  Would you like to be part of this?  Send an email to to get some great ideas!
Please join us in transforming the Oregon political landscape today. Give $10.00 today (about a cup of coffee and a donut)! 

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